Over the past two months we have been working to revitalise our online image. And as part of that process, through multiple stages we crafted a brand-new website with web designer and developer Edward Sivyour. We love the new site and we are confident you will too!

Since our conception, our previous website stayed relatively the same and we no longer felt that our website clearly represented us as a business. We needed something fresh and modern that really represented us, our key values, and what we can bring to the table for your next project.

We meticulously crafted the content and worked through every step of the journey through research and design, to development and implementation, making sure that every key person involved had an input, just like we do with our own clients.

It was important to us that you would still be able to access our content even during the migration process, so a key factor was minimising the amount downtime. Thanks to the expertise of our web developer and our amazing IT department, Full Circle ITS, you might not have even noticed the site was down at all!